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App Design

This is the creative stage where app developers pour in their creativity. There is ample space to exhibit the creativity of developers in the mobile app. Some of the areas include the theme, navigation, features etc. As a customer you can demand the app to have the kind of look and feel you desire. Remember, it is easy to make the changes while the app is still in the prototype stage.

App Development

this is a technical stage where the programmers write the necessary coding. While android app developers use java, iOS app developers use Objective-C to develop mobile applications. It is also possible to make the app work on different platforms by developing the app in HTML5. However, the platform of the app should be decided during the consulting stage.

App Testing

Alpha testing is conducted in-house with the help of tech savvy developers and testers. Once they find all of the features and functionalities working properly, then Beta testing will be conducted with the help of select users. All reports will be gathered and bugs fixed at this stage. Beta testing is highly important because the actual users will be participating in the tests and will be providing you with plethora of ideas to improve the user experience.

App Integration

Once the app is completed, it has to be integrated with the central system in place. The app developers will either create an entire mobile enterprise application platform or use a compatible middleware to integrate the app with an existing legacy system.

App Deployment

Once the app development is complete, the app developers will deploy the app in the business environment. Since it is a serious job, developers always do a pilot before actually deploying the app in the business environment. Any flaws detected can be quickly rectified at this stage.

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